Finding Your Inner Strength

What does make up a strong person? How could that person be strong and immovable by the hardest challenges in life? Is strength only bestowed only by chance and by fate? A lot of us believe that a person can only carry a burden that he can take. And so, the stronger people are raised from the hardest obstacles in life because they are innately strong. While this is true, however, we cannot expect fate to call upon us and start to do something valuable. The greater truth is: we are in control of what we will become as determined by what we want in life.

So here goes the question: What do you want in your life?

If you cannot provide a clear answer to this, the thing is that you will never be able to achieve a sense of fulfillment in your life. And you will always feel inferior to others. Weak. dependent and harshly a loser. Actually, the greatest obstacle in every dream is not so much in the struggles that one face along the journey. The hardest challenge lies in making up one’s mind toward a goal. When one has set his mind to achieve something, he automatically puts a shield in himself against giving up on failures and endlessly uses courage and determination to win every other challenge.  

Develop Grit and Resilience

   Grit is the courage and resolve of a person in the face of a problem. This is best exemplified in the statement of Will Smith, “You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter, you might be sexier. But if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things: You’re getting off first or I’m going to die.” Grit is the sticking ability of the person to his goal. Many psychology papers have proven that grit is the top ability of all successful people in every field of expertise in the world. It’s not just talent, intelligence, resources or luck. The most assured weapon to the road of victory is grit doing your best, all that you can, for something you aim for.

   Related, and even synonymous with grit is, resilience is the ability to get back up again and again, the never-give-up attitude. You can find a thousand ways to change your approach but you’ll remain trying. No matter how shameful. No matter how discouraging. No matter how unfair. No matter how impossible. No matter how long it will cover. No matter what, you will never give up. It is in endless trying that you find more of the motivation to keep moving and the satisfaction in getting and living with the obtained results. Grit and resilience – it is when you have given your best and tried the goal for different and countless times will you be able to rest that nothing is unconquerable under the sun.

Have a regular time for meditation and reflection every week

   Grit and resilience do not come automatically. They have to be remembered every single time. Find a regular time to do so and do not fail in doing this every time. This is a crucial determiner of the level of your grit and resilience, of if you really have them in the first place.

Set your goals and when to achieve them

   Having the will to succeed is as important having a clear outline of how to achieve such success. In setting up your goal, you need to be realistic. Having this timeline will set up priorities, the ‘what you need to do now’ and the ‘what you can plant for later’.

Do an act of kindness

   Thinking of the same thing over and over again will really burn out any healthy person. It is important to do something that will let you keep up with the world and how it feels to be human, not perfect but alive. The recommended way of getting out of your shell includes doing an act of kindness once in a while. It sets your psychology that you are actually capable and powerful. There are things that you can do easily and proficiently.

Align actions with your values

   One of the greatest hindrances to achieving a dream is the feeling of guilt and not being worthy or deserving of such a feat. Perhaps you have done something awful that you have forever been shameful of such. But you need to forgive yourself and learn that no human being, nobody on earth, is ever perfect. Everybody makes mistakes – both small and big ones. And if you stay demotivated and discouraged, you are not only destroying yourself but you are affecting others as well. In fact, you are dangerously telling and showing others that they cannot be successful because they do not have the right to do so. Wrong, because nobody ever has. And because of this, everybody got the fair chance to fail and to succeed. If you don’t stand up again, you’ll forever be pitiful. You’ll forever be wasting the talent that has been given to you – the talent that was refused to be given to others.   

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