My commitment to abused women & children


From the date my book, “SONGS FROM MY SOUL” is available for purchase I will donate 100 percent of all/royalties for my entire lifetime that support the prevention, counseling and education of children and adults who have suffered from the lifetime effects and trauma of abuse. It is my firm belief, that no soul should suffer and I ask you to join me in this effort.

The writing of my first book, SONGS FROM MY SOUL has been a gift from God as my soul began speaking to me the 1970s’. My hope and dream is that the proceeds from this book will in some way help to bring some healing to all women, men and children who have experienced this horrific abuse.

From 1969 through 1979 I was a fourth grade elementary school teacher. In 2016 I reconnected with one of my former students via Facebook. She would now be in her late thirties. After exchanging a few private messages she texted me the following message:

“Mr.Smallie I know you could have not known that when I was in your fourth grade class I was sexually abused by my father almost every day. Your class was the only safe place I had every week where you made learning fun. I will forever be grateful for that.”

Thanks be to God that He created a safe place for this little girl. Perhaps, these words, verse and songs will create a similar safe place for those who read them.

Available on under the title: Songs from my Soul

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